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  • Domestic Partnerships

    Couples who have made the decision to commit their lives to one another may wish to form a formal and legal partnership. Domestic partnership offers many of the same benefits and responsibilities as marriage, although as an institution, it is in its infancy. As more and more Californians enter into,... Read more »

  • Defending Restraining Orders

    Not all the requests for Restraining Orders have merit. Occasionally, moving parties exaggerate. The Court, out of precaution, usually grants the requested Restraining Orders before the hearing on the merits. Elainie Honjas has been successful in defending clients against allegations of domestic violence in Family Court. However, it is important... Read more »

  • Obtaining Restraining Orders

    Domestic Violence includes not only physical abuse but also verbal and emotional abuse. You have the right to be free of abuse from your spouse, your children, your parents, your siblings, and other household members. Elainie Honjas will guide you through the process, collect all the evidence needed, and represent... Read more »

  • Enforcements of Family Law Judgments and Orders

    Oftentimes, throughout the litigation process in Family Court, parties are awarded support or attorney fees or assets. Frequently, the other party does not pay the money or turn over the property. In these cases, our office can help people enforce their entitlements to the money or property they were awarded... Read more »

  • Pre-Marital and Post-Marital Agreements

    A premarital agreement allows a couple to tailor a future plan based on practical needs and preclude financial disagreement or misunderstanding before beginning a marriage. Premarital agreements establish what assets are kept separate. They protect spouses from debts incurred prior to marriage and in the event of separation, divorce, or... Read more »

  • Step-Parent Adoptions

    Stepparent adoption laws vary from state to state. However, in all states the most common situation for stepparent adoption is when a spouse remarries and the non-custodial parent agrees to relinquish his/her parenting responsibilities. Of course, other situations apply as well in stepparent adoptions, and in each case, a married... Read more »

  • Conservatorships of the Person

    A Conservatorship proceeding is initiated when an adult person in your family is temporarily or permanently incapacitated and becomes unable to care for his or her affairs. The Court has the power to appoint a Conservator so that the property of your loved ones is taken care of. If you... Read more »

  • Guardianships

    Similar to, but differing from adoption, in guardianship the court awards legal custody of a child to someone other than the child’s parents. The guardian lives with the child and is responsible for his or her health care, education and social services, such as after-school programs, or in the case... Read more »

  • Mediation

    When dealing with family law issues, mediation often benefits couples by offering a resolution alternative that is less costly and faster than litigation. It also frequently leaves couples with a better understanding of their mutual problems, resulting in a more favorable outcome for everyone concerned. Types of mediators vary, based... Read more »

  • Division of Property

    In a community property state, such as California, property you and your spouse acquire together during a marriage is considered shared. Separate property is property you either owned before the marriage, inherited, or that was specifically gifted to you. Many financial factors are weighed in settling property division during divorce... Read more »

  • Child and Spousal Support

    Child Support is the monthly amount of money to pay to the other parent for the maintenance of the children. The State of California has set guidelines to determine how much money is allotted for child support every month. Either parent can request an adjustment in the amount paid or received,... Read more »

  • Interstate Custody and Jurisdiction

    Sometimes parents are under a lot of strain during divorce proceedings when children are involved. This is compounded by financial and emotional factors due to the high cost of living in this State and the lack of emotional support from family. As a result, they take the children and move... Read more »

  • International Child Abduction and Jurisdiction

    In our State, people come from all over the world either through employment or immigration. They come either alone or with their families. As they settle down in this State, they get married and have families and when divorce becomes a reality one parent may take the child, leave the... Read more »

  • Child Custody and Visitation

    Disagreement and conflict often arise regarding child custody because both parents love their children and want to spend as much time as possible with them. Two main categories describe the most basic arrangements for child custody: Legal Custody assigns parental responsibility for decisions regarding healthcare, education, religious affiliation and social activities... Read more »

  • Parentage

    The Importance of Establishing Parentage The focus of a parentage action is determining a child’s legal parents. This determination is critical because it dictates who has certain statutory rights and duties regarding the upbringing of the child; it determines who has a right to visitation with, and custody of, a... Read more »

  • Annulment

    The Family Code provides for specific grounds upon which a nullity may be granted. In a nullity of marriage Judgment, it is decreed that the marriage never existed or that the marriage was not valid. However, the basis for the nullity request must address the essence of marriage directly. Parties... Read more »

  • Legal Separation

    A legal separation is very similar to a divorce, but unlike a divorce, it does not end the parties’ marriage. Also, unlike divorce, a judgment of legal separation will not usually be granted without the consent of both of the parties; only in cases of default (where one party fails... Read more »

  • Family Law

    Sometimes parents are under a lot of strain during divorce proceedings when children are involved. This is compounded by financial and emotional factors due to the high cost of living in this State and the lack of emotional support from family. As a result, they take the children and move... Read more »

  • Divorce Law

    No matter what the particular family circumstances, divorce is never easy. Although some divorce proceedings are simpler than others, especially if no children are involved, many are complex, raising a multitude of questions and emotions. All family law cases are the result of the ever-broken dream of having a family... Read more »

  • Domestic Violence

    Domestic violence is a very serious issue and may come in many forms. It includes not only physical abuse, but also verbal and emotional/psychological abuse. Most people think of domestic abuse as a marital issue. While it is true that domestic violence is often a problem married people face and... Read more »

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