International Child Abduction and Jurisdiction

In our State, people come from all over the world either through employment or immigration. They come either alone or with their families. As they settle down in this State, they get married and have families and when divorce becomes a reality one parent may take the child, leave the United States, and establish the child’s residence elsewhere without the consent of the remaining parent. Such an act results in a lot of detriment to the child.

The United States and all but a few countries are signatories to the Hague Convention, the articles of which determine the appropriate jurisdiction (court) to adjudicate the issues of custody and visitation of children taken from their Home State without the consent of the remaining parent.

Elainie Honjas will aggressively protect your rights and give you the advice you need to act within, or proceed under, the principles of the Hague Convention as it has been adopted by the California Family Code.

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