When dealing with family law issues, mediation often benefits couples by offering a resolution alternative that is less costly and faster than litigation. It also frequently leaves couples with a better understanding of their mutual problems, resulting in a more favorable outcome for everyone concerned.

Types of mediators vary, based on professional training and experience. Generally, most mediators are a lawyers or mental health professionals.

Lawyers as mediators know the legal boundaries, what the courts commonly find acceptable, and are familiar with court procedure and settlements. If a legal issue needs to be addressed in mediation, a mediator with a legal background is most suited for the task.

When a divorce or other family law matter will result in significant tax consequences for both parties, there is no substitute for a mediator with accounting and tax evaluation skills.

Attorney Elainie Honjas offers the expertise of all three types of mediators  – legal, therapeutic and financial. She combines five years of clinical psychology study with seventeen years of legal experience in family law. Trained in tax law, she was admitted to the U.S. Tax Court in 1996 and has ten years of experience serving on the California State Bar Tax committee and assisting families with taxation of assets.

The law firm of Elainie Honjas welcomes the opportunity to review your concerns and discuss mediation as a possible resolution alternative. Please call our office at 408-292-4849 to arrange a free, one half hour consultation regarding mediation.

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